[PD] double gemhead (was: displaying long text in GEM)

Maciej Wojnicki mwojnicki at wp.pl
Mon Oct 8 19:34:56 CEST 2007

 > what is this "double gemhead idiom??
 > i see it in a patch but what does it mean in practice??
 > this patch looks quite strange

I think, I explained it a bit before, so you also may want to search
the list archive. The basic idea is to use two gemheads, where one
(the lower) is put into forced rendering mode, which means, that it's
switched off as default and is made to render only every time, it
receives a bang. The upper gemhead is used as a kind of metro, which
bangs the lower gemhead on every frame. The trick then is to bang the
lower gemhead multiple times on every frame and change some data in
the meantime.

Please see attached patch for another example.

  Frank Barknecht


thanks for the answer
now i get it

the idea seems very similar to using the [repeat] object
do you think that using doubled gemhead has any advantages over using  
is there any difference in practice?

since i have never heard of using double gemhead before
i am just wondering if i could do any new things with this approach

in general not in the particular case of displaying text



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