[PD] translations for pdpedia templates Nederlands

tim info at timvets.net
Mon Oct 8 20:19:44 CEST 2007


Since didn't see any Nederlands verison yet, here's my attempt at one:

# wikipedia terms
$stub = "beg";    // i asked this on #wikipedia-nl, and they told me {{beg}} (with the curly braces). 'beg' is an abbreviation for 'begin'
$template = "sjabloon";
$category = "categorie";
$infobox = "infobox";

# pdpedia terms
$objectclass = "objectklasse";

# page headers
$inlets = "ingangen";
$outlets = "uitgangen";
$arguments = "argumenten";
$messages = "berichten";   // could be 'boodschappen' too, but that sounds a bit wierd to me, as that also means 'arrands'.

# infobox
$name = "naam";
$description = "beschrijving";   // can also be 'omschrijving'
$abbreviation = "afkorting";
$library = "bibliotheek";
$author = "auteur";
$developer = "ontwikkelaar";
$releaseVersion = "versie";
$releaseDate = "uitgebrachtOp";    // or 'gepubliceerdOp' ? or 'vrijgegevenOp? or just 'releasedate' ?
$dependencies = "vereisten";     // translated freely as 'requirements' here, maybe there's a better word but it doesnt spring to mind now
$license = "licentie";
$website = "website";
$programmingLanguage = "programmeerTaal";
$platform = "platform";
$operatingSystem = "besturingsSysteem";
$language = "taal";
$dataType = "dataType";
$distributions = "distributies";

comments and suggestions from dutch speakers welcome !


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