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Dear All,

Some good news for the computer music world and beyond!

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MANTIS Presents: NOVARS LAUNCH FESTIVAL, University of Manchester, UK

NOVARS Research Centre for Electroacoustic Composition, Performance  
and Sound-art

2 - 4 November 2007


The NOVARS Research Centre at the University of Manchester, UK was  
created in April 2007 and its new £2.2 million studios facility  
became operational in September. The Launch Festival celebrates the  
official opening of the new Centre and Studios.

The Centre was named NOVARS to reference and celebrate the seminal  
work by Francis Dhomont (Novars). In his own words: a reversed  
version of Ars Nova - New Art, New Science. We are grateful for his  
permission to use his title.

Highlights of the Launch Festival include MANTIS concerts featuring  
works presented by Francis Dhomont, Gerald Bennett and John Casken;  
concerts curated and diffused by Jonty Harrison, Gilles Gobeil,  
Ludger Brümmer and Folkmar Hein; performances of new works by the USA  
Tornado Project (Esther Lamneck/ Elizabeth McNutt); and premieres of  
new works by Jonty Harrison, David Berezan and Ricardo Climent.

All concerts will be presented using the 48-loudspeaker MANTIS sound  
diffusion system.

The Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama
The University of Manchester
Bridgeford Street, Manchester, M13 9PL

Telephone: 0161 275 8951/ 8950
Email for enquiries: boxoffice at manchester.ac.uk
Box Office Hours: 10.00 am – 1.00 pm and 2.00pm - 4.00pm Monday to  

Friday evening concert: no charge
Saturday and Sunday concerts: tickets at the Martin Harris Centre Box  


Friday 2 November 2007

16:45 - 17:00 Electroacoustic Improvisation by Kairos & Guests  
(Martin Harris Centre)

17:00 Launch Ceremony: (John Thaw Theater)
Key addresses by guest composers Francis Dhomont and Gerald Bennett,  
Prof. Graham Ward (Head of SAHC) and University of Manchester  
President and Vice-Chancellor Prof. Alan Gilbert  (by invitation -  
extras will be available at the Martin Harris Centre Box Office  
before the ceremony).

18:00 Fanfare by Kevin Malone (Martin Harris Centre)

19:30 Concert 1: NOVARS LAUNCH (Cosmo Rodewald Hall)

Novars (1989) (fixed media) by Francis Dhomont
Un Madrigal gentile (fixed media) by Gerald Bennett
Soul Catcher  for marimba and tape by John Casken
Hoodoos (2007)  (Live-Acousmatic) by David Berezan (Premiere)

Sound diffusion by the composers.

Saturday 3 November 2007 (Cosmo Rodewald Hall)

13:30 Concert 2: Curated and Diffused by Jonty Harrison (UK)

Pentes (1974) (fixed media) by Denis Smalley
Angel (2006)(fixed media)by Trevor Wishart
Cable Bay (1999) (fixed media) by Andrew Lewis
Matchine (2005) (fixed media) by Iain Armstrong	
Afterthoughts (2007) (fixed media - 8 channels) by Jonty Harrison  

15:00 Concert 3: Curated and Diffused by Gilles Gobeil (Canada)
Topographie de la noirceur (2005) (fixed media)  by Martin Bédard
Liaisons Mécaniques (2007) (fixed media) Nicolas Bernier
Indigo (2000) (fixed media)  by Marcelle Deschênes
Feu de voix (2006) (fixed media)  by Abril Padilla
Into the Labyrinth (2000) (fixed media - 8 channels)  by Hildegard  
Entre les deux rives du printemps (2006) (fixed media - 5.1  
channels)  by Gilles Gobeil

19:00 Concert 4: Curated by Folkmar Hein/ Ludger Brümmer (Germany)

Distance liquide (2007)  (fixed media) by Hans Tutschku
3.11.07  for open ensemble and computer by Orm Finnendahl
Anatomia de um poema sonoro for female voice, male speaker, alto sax,  
percussion, piano + electronics by Luis Antunes Peña
Der Taumel (fixed media) by Ludger Kisters
tbc  (fixed media) Ludger Brümmer
Figure in Movement II  for piano, electronics and live video by  
Shintaro Imai
New Work (2007) (fixed media) by Verner Cee

Sunday 4 November 2007 (Cosmo Rodewald Hall)

13:30 Curated Concert 5:  Esther Lamneck (clarinet) / Elizabeth  
McNutt (flute) -[USA Tornado Project]

Pavakoothu for clarinet solo and tape by  Diana Simpson
Breath for solo flute and live electronics by Gavin Osborn
Beneath the Surface  for Flute, Clarinet and Computer by Paul Wilson
Still Angry for for Flute, Clarinet and Computer by Andrew May
Trio for Flute, Clarinet and Computer by Eric Lyon
Russian Disco for Flute, Clarinet and Electronic Expression by  
Ricardo Climent

(All premiers)

15:00 Concert 6: [Mantis Composers Showcase]

New works by MANTIS postgraduates.

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