[PD] That's a surprising new look

jamie at postlude.co.uk jamie at postlude.co.uk
Wed Oct 10 11:25:58 CEST 2007

> Hallo,
> Andy Farnell hat gesagt: // Andy Farnell wrote:
>> I'm a bit torn on this. I actually like the concept, but you're right,
>> like all good things that make life easy they tend to erode discipline
>> and structure. The patch messy and sweep it all under the rug
>> philosophy is probably very appealing to many.
> My performace patches typically just have one big red Toggle for
> on/off and everything else under the rug.

Interesting. I like thie minimal performance GUI approach also. I am
curious about your big red Toggle though - what does it do? Global audio
toggle, or something more... or is that a secret ;-)

Now I think of it, why not just run -nogui, and activate the toggle from a
unix pipe!


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