[PD] translations for pdpedia templates Nederlands

kristof lauwers pd at kristoflauwers.domainepublic.net
Wed Oct 10 10:28:22 CEST 2007

Hi Tim & all!

my 50c on the Duch translations you proposed..

> > $arguments = "argumenten";

maybe "parameters" is better here. if i here "argumenten" in Dutch i 
rather think of arguments like in a discussion

> > $messages = "berichten";   // could be 'boodschappen' too, but that
> > sounds a bit wierd to me, as that also means 'arrands'.

i think "berichten" definitely sounds better

> > $dependencies = "vereisten";     // translated freely as
> > 'requirements' here, maybe there's a better word but it doesnt
> > spring to mind now

if i read "vereisten" in Dutch i woldn't think of dependencies the 
way it's used in computer programming. maybe the literal translation 
"afhankelijkheden"? sounds a bit ugly but i think it's more clear

> > $releaseDate = "uitgebrachtOp";    // or 'gepubliceerdOp' ? or
> > 'vrijgegevenOp? or

"datum van uitgave" ? - i think it's better to stick to a noun..

> > $programmingLanguage = "programmeerTaal";
> > $operatingSystem = "besturingsSysteem";
> > $dataType = "dataType";
>"camel case" isn't used in wikipedia (unless that's a Dutch spelling
>convention).  In English, following wikipedia, these are:

it are all existing words which you normally write i one word in 
dutch, so you can just drop the camelcase..




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