[PD] translations for pdpedia templates Nederlands

tim info at timvets.net
Wed Oct 10 17:52:41 CEST 2007

Hi Kristof,

> (tried to send this an hour ago, but seems like it didn't get through. 
> sorry if you receive it twice)
I have this too with pd-list, sometimes it takes more than an hour for 
my mail to appear.
>> > $arguments = "argumenten";
> maybe "parameters" is better here. if i hear "argumenten" in Dutch i 
> rather think of arguments like in a discussion

I'm not sure about that, because not all 'parameters' can be given as 
creation arguments.
For example: afaik an [phasor~] can get its frequency from an argument, 
but the phase is a parameter that can only be set from its right inlet.
To me, 'parameters' also includes things that can only be set via inlets 
while 'argumenten' is more specificaly the stuff you can put in an 
object box to the right of the object name.
The 'discussie' metaphor is not so wrong: you say 'this object should 
exist' and as arguments you can say more specifically how and why...just 
like when you have an 'argument' over something.
But that's just my idea...
My vote is to let the entry $arguments = "argumenten";  as is below, 
feel free to adapt.

>> > $messages = "berichten";   // could be 'boodschappen' too, but that
>> > sounds a bit wierd to me, as that also means 'arrands'.
> i think "berichten" definitely sounds better
>> > $dependencies = "vereisten";     // translated freely as
>> > 'requirements' here, maybe there's a better word but it doesnt
>> > spring to mind now
> if i read "vereisten" in Dutch i wouldn't think of dependencies the 
> way it's used in computer programming. maybe the literal translation 
> "afhankelijkheden"? sounds a bit ugly but i think it's more clear
>> > $releaseDate = "uitgebrachtOp";    // or 'gepubliceerdOp' ? or
>> > 'vrijgegevenOp? or
> "datum van uitgave" ? - i think it's better to stick to a noun..

# wikipedia terms
$stub = "Beginnetje";
$template = "Sjabloon";
$category = "Categorie";
$infobox = "Infobox";

# pdpedia terms
$objectclass = "Objectklasse";

# page headers
$inlets = "Ingangen";
$outlets = "Uitgangen";
$arguments = "Argumenten";
$messages = "Berichten";

# infobox
$name = "Naam";
$description = "Beschrijving";
$abbreviation = "Afkorting";
$library = "Bibliotheek";
$author = "Auteur";
$developer = "Ontwikkelaar";
$releaseVersion = "Versie";
$releaseDate = "Datum van uitgave";    //  too bad 'uitgavedatum' isn't in the dictionary...or is mine incomplete ?
$dependencies = "Afhankelijkheden";
$license = "Licentie";
$website = "Website";
$programmingLanguage = "Programmeertaal";
$platform = "Platform";
$operatingSystem = "Besturingssysteem";
$language = "Taal";
$dataType = "Data type";
$distributions = "Distributies";


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