[PD] gigatable~ (prototype) playing long samples

Enrique Erne pd at mild.ch
Thu Oct 11 18:30:04 CEST 2007

hi all

[gigatable~] is an approach to overcome the 16777216 sample accuracy problem by
grouping a number of tables to a bigger unit. see also 

internally this prototype has 3 hard-coded tables and is able to record and
playback as well as preload a sample. the 3 tables could be extended.

additionally a gigaread4~ , which is unfortunately quite expensive, allows to
scratch or play faster/slower as you know it from your tabread4~ pleasures. to
overcome the maximum accurate number of 16777216 it takes milliseconds instead of
samples and allow to use 44.1 times longer samples. 

normal table + tabread4~
16777216 samples = ~ 6.34 minutes

gigatable~ + gigaread4~
16777216 * 44.1 = 4.66 hours (not in the prototype yet)

(if i do the math correctly)

the prototype itself is just an example of how to group tables. for testing
reasons each table has only 44100 sample atm. 

have fun!

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