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Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Thu Oct 11 21:05:40 CEST 2007

On Fri, 5 Oct 2007, Luiz Naveda wrote:

> I love Samba but I am working in the academic world...

Richard Feynman was a highly reputed academic who was also known to have a 
taste for that kind of dance. (but then, he was prof in particle physics, 
not music...)

> Who decides where will be the conference?

There is no ctee for that. One could be formed if there is a need. For 
example, if there are two cities that are beginning to organise an int'l 
PdConvention for which the target dates are too close (e.g. less than 9 
months), and neither gives up. Compliance with that ctee is voluntary, so, 
two PdConventions may happen "too close" anyway, if neither group gives 
up, but former PdConvention organisers would most likely give support to 
exactly one of them.

> What we have to provide in order to be a serious option?

  * Some system of contribution to travel fees.
  * Some system for hosting people in homes.
  * Some system of selection of artworks, performances, papers
  * Room for enough people, like 100 for papers, 250 for perfs, approx;
    we have not gotten to those numbers of actual people (afaik), but it's
    good to have some slack, just in case. Make your own estimates for your
    own convention.

> Who is pointing to São Paulo (must be there?)?

It started as a conversation between Alexandre Porres and I, and extended 
to Alexandre Castonguay and others.

> Where is the PD community of Brazil?

If they don't know the existence of each other, or never meet much in any 
form, then it's not really a community, but instead it might be a 
potential for a community.

I know that in Montréal there are *several* pd communities that don't 
interact much with each other. We could say somewhat otherwise now that pd 
convention is past, but it's a sign when you go to a conf and meet several 
pd users from your own city that you never saw even though you went to the 
user group meetings 10 times already. It could also all be that part of 
the users that just aren't part of the community in that sense at all, but 
I've heard about some kind of communities limited to one department or 
university. I've not really investigated whether they deserve to be called 
as such or not.

I believe that I'll just organise the first post-convention user group 
meeting and see whether i encounter any new people and perhaps we can have 
a roundtable about getting people more involved in the club, i mean, at 
least get people to show up :)

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