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My last homebrew was many years ago.  I always like strong stouts, so  
I decided to make the strongest stout imaginable.  I skipped anything  
that might dilute the flavor and just used pure chocalate malt, and  
lots of it.

The beer turned out to be incredibly strong in flavor, basically  
undrinkable, and really, almost chewable.  It also had a ton of sugar  
left in it when I bottled it.  So it continued to ferment in the bottle.

When you would open one of the 750ml bottles, it would spout brown  
foam 0.5m high for a couple of seconds, emptying about half of the  
bottle.  A couple shot off on their own...


On Oct 11, 2007, at 3:20 PM, Charles Henry wrote:

> Since we're still talking about beers, I want to ask if there's any
> pd'ers out there who homebrew?  It is a favorite hobby of mine, though
> I am not able to make a batch very often.  I have on a couple
> occaisions made an incredibly strong ale, not fit for human
> consumption, including one stout that is leftover from spring.
> Chuck
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