[PD] SOM experts...

B. Bogart bbogart at goto10.org
Fri Oct 12 20:27:15 CEST 2007

Hey all, Johannes in particular,

According to Medler:

"...Consequently, more frequently occurring stimuli will be represented
by larger areas in the map than infrequently occurring stimuli."

Which leads me to believe if you present a SOM with the same pattern,
the number of nodes that fire should increase proportional to the
frequency of the pattern.

Problem is I can make ann_som do that, not matter what rules I specify
(using the regular decreasing learning rate).

If I send the same pattern to the som 10000 times, only one node will
fire for that duration.

Am I misinterpreting the text?

Also by default does ann_som using time-seeded random numbers or regular
random numbers? I ask because it appears the same node always wins at
the start... (the biggest number).

Is there a FANN mailinglist for the discussion of such issues?

(http://leenissen.dk/fann/ is timing out for me.)


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