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jared microcosm11 at msn.com
Sat Oct 13 01:19:32 CEST 2007

> > > As loing as it is not the crap beer we make in America!  ;)

I agree, America is famous for its piss beer....but there are some
really, really tasty brews here too.  Some of the best microbrews in the
world imo ;-)....actually, the microbrew community is quite a fanatic

Lefthand Brewing Company: http://www.lefthandbrewing.com/

Odell's Brewing Company: http://www.odellbrewing.com/home.php

Big Sky Brew: http://www.bigskybrew.com/

TommyKnocker Brewing: http://www.tommyknocker.com/

Blue Moon Brewing Company: http://www.bluemoonbrewingcompany.com/

Flying Dog: http://www.flyingdogales.com/beer-pack.asp

And that's only the very tip of the icekeg.....

I'm so happy this is in town...going tomorrow....can't wait!  Over 1600
different brews....god, I'm gonna have triple vision!


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