[PD] [Gem] pix-texture problem on windows

Thomas Mayer thomas at dergrossebruder.org
Sun Oct 14 19:49:33 CEST 2007

zmoelnig at iem.at wrote:
> the diagram shows: one [gemhead] is uploading an image to the gfx-card  
> via [pix_texture].
> another gemhead uses this texture and displays it onto a square.
> the 2nd outlet of [pix_texture] should output enough information, so  
> that another [pix_texture] (without a pix in the chain), can re-use  
> the same texture when it get's the info in its 2nd inlet.

Yes, that describes my setup exactly.

> thomas: what is the problem? "not working" is a rather vague description.
> i recently discovered that the output of the 1st pix-texture would  
> give wrong texture coordinates when using normalized textures  
> (power-of-two sized).
> the w32-binaries certainly still have this bug.

The square is not visible, neither with or without texture, no error
output in the Pd console.

> for now i can think of two workarounds:
> - if your machine/build supports it, try using rectangle-textures and  
> see if it works.

>From what I gather from the [pix_texture] help patch,
rectangle-texturing is the default. IIRC while playing around with the
environment mode for [pix_texture] (sending an [env $mode( to inlet 1),
GL_Blend or GL_Add (2 or 3) made the square visible without the texture.

> - if it is not supported, try manually setting the texture-coordinates  
> to 1,1 (e.g. use [pix_coordinate]) (you could also manually set the  
> texcoords by modifying the messages that comes out of [pix_texture];  
> it is human-readable and of the form (iirc): "<texid> <width> <height>  
> <texmode>"; you want to modify <width> and <height>)

I'll try that when I have my hand on the Vista machine again.

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