[PD] Fwd: portuguese pdpedia template

João Miguel Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 15 13:00:30 CEST 2007

>> ok, I guess it wasn't in the original list. that's very easy to add,
>> $status = "Estado";
> I think it would be good to add in the infobox template to make sure the  
> infoboxes are rendering correctly before doing the big import.   
> Basically, take this one:
> http://wiki.puredata.info/en/index.php? 
> title=Template:Infobox_Objectclass&action=edit
> And translate it and paste it into this one:
> http://wiki.puredata.info/test/index.php? 
> title=Template:Infobox_Classe_do_objecto&action=edit

I had done it already before, but in  
http://wiki.puredata.info/pt/Predefinição:Infobox_Objectclass. I copied it  
now to http://wiki.puredata.info/test/Template:Infobox_Classe_do_objecto  
and changed the table header, but it looks different as yours.

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