[PD] a general discussion about which software to learn: pd, max, both... or else?

giucant giucant at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 15 17:52:39 CEST 2007


for visuals i also suggest processing



--- David Schaffer <schafferdavid at hotmail.com> ha

> Hi everybody, 
>          I'm a stage/audiovisual technician willing
> to make a move into digital arts. I've been using pd
> for quite some time know and I was wondering if it
> would be useful for me to learn Max: according to
> you guys, which of the two programs seems to be most
> widely used, most popular, most promising in terms
> of future devellopements? Is it worth to be good in
> both or to become "excellent" (whatever that
> means...) in one of them? Is there another platform
> out there that would be worth giving a look (outside
> of the established stuff like pro tools, final cut,
> photoshop etc...) Thank you for your answers.
>                    D.S>
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