[PD] advise on making mjpeg, pdp and libquicktime happy

danja vasiliev binary.koala at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 03:06:31 CEST 2007

im running ubuntu feisty 7.04, libquicktime plugins are in standard

danja at t43:~$ cat /etc/debian_version

danja at t43:~$ ls /usr/local/lib/libquicktime/
lqt_audiocodec.la  lqt_faac.la   lqt_ffmpeg.la  lqt_mjpeg.la
lqt_png.la     lqt_videocodec.la
lqt_audiocodec.so  lqt_faac.so   lqt_ffmpeg.so  lqt_mjpeg.so
lqt_png.so     lqt_videocodec.so
lqt_dv.la          lqt_faad2.la  lqt_lame.la    lqt_opendivx.la
lqt_rtjpeg.la  lqt_vorbis.la
lqt_dv.so          lqt_faad2.so  lqt_lame.so    lqt_opendivx.so
lqt_rtjpeg.so  lqt_vorbis.so

so i just did this and noting has changed...

danja at t43:~$ export LIBQUICKTIME_PLUGIN_DIR=/usr/local/lib/libquicktime
danja at t43:~$ pd
tk scaling is 1.22249724972
quicktime_delete_vcodec_stub called

the last line is what PD spits out when i try opening my mjpeg.
mjpeg i make using MEncoder 2:1.0~rc1-0ubuntu9.1
like this:
for i in $( ls ); do mencoder mf://$i/*.jpg -mf fps=6 -o $i.avi -ovc
lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mjpeg; done

where else to look?


Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
> Which version of GNU/Linux are you running?  Your quicktime plugins
> might be in a different place than Pd-extended expects.  You can set it
> using the LIBQUICKTIME_PLUGIN_DIR env var, so something like:
> export LIBQUICKTIME_PLUGIN_DIR=/path/to/your/libquicktime/plugins
> .hc
> On Oct 16, 2007, at 8:35 PM, danja vasiliev wrote:
>> hello dear all,
>> pardon me for cross posting this but the issue seems to be somewhat
>> awkward - for the last several days i was trying to get [pdp_qt] take my
>> mjpeg video files but was miserably failing:
>> ---
>> pdp_qt: video stream found (640x480 pixels, 6 fps, 897 frames, MJPG
>> codec)
>> pdp_qt: WARNING: unsupported video codec
>> pdp_qt: ERROR: no usable video stream found.
>> ---

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