[PD] translations for pdpedia templates (French) and mailing list and ...

Jérôme Abel abel.jerome at free.fr
Wed Oct 17 10:49:40 CEST 2007

I try to resume informations to see what we have to do.

Pdpedia translation
I did the template following wiki administrator instruction. I think It's OK.
But You may check it here.

In my opinion, We can translate website and infobox by "Site internet" and

Now in the template it's "Site Web" and "Infobox".

But it's not very important now, isn't it ?

PdPedia Import
In the AllPages, we have a lot of names. So It seems work fine.

Thanks to Hans.

Pdpedia mailing list
We have two propositions :

May be we could discuss in french in the first one, and send a report message to
the second one every week (or couple of week) to talk about our progression.

I think we need a specific list to organise work together and do not disturb all
other contributors.

Pdpedia method
* start with Pd Vanilla : 20 objects by step. (in alphabetic order)
* check all french pd contributors.

PdPedia classification
Make easier navigation for artitic goal and newbie.

two propositions :
* see the classification in Processing web site (vidéo, audio, image, couleur,

* see the classifictaion in Pdmtl abstractions

I don't understand how to make categorie in wikipedia...

I think, the first step is to complete pd-vanilla. After we can try to organize
it into more sensitiv categorie.

The search engine seems hard to use, but may be someone work on it. It's quite
hard to find objects ...

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