[PD] Fwd: portuguese pdpedia template

João Miguel Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Wed Oct 17 11:46:35 CEST 2007

> Good idea. If you want to make a list of those, I'll do the import.

ok, I'll work on it when possible.

>> I would also like if someone in the english version (the "official"  
>> one) would put one day to finish at least one object as good as  
>> possible, to serve as reference for others (including putting an image,  
>> etc.). in my experience, opening the doors and unleashing the users  
>> without a kind of direction to follow will sooner or later lead to  
>> waste of time/energy and disenchantement from the involved working  
>> persons.
> I wouldn't call the English one the official one, I hope they'll all be  
> official.  We are all figuring out how to do this.  We don't have a  
> "complete" one yet, but I know that Marius is working on getting things  
> running smoothly.  Nicolas has put some good work into this one:

of course there's no official one, but the english one is the most  
advanced - duh, the documentation was already in english -, and the common  
language to the main people involved in pd, pidip etc. is english. My  
point is that a solid reference page would be important to have - one of  
the web's problems isn't lack of information, is just lack of quality of  
information. And it would be good if that page would be finished soon,  
because the doors are about to open for free editing.

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