[PD] pd to webpage

Martin Peach martin.peach at sympatico.ca
Wed Oct 17 20:53:05 CEST 2007

Here's my unfinished attempt at a web server. It will send a file 
"index.html" to a browser. It uses the string patch to pd and the str 
object, which can handle ascii without pd interpreting it along the way. It 
may be possible to do it using other objects. The main problem is the 
detection of  special characters like CRLF in the request. The 
content-length field is not necessary if you close the connection after 
sending the data, so you don't need to know how long the data is going to be 
before you start. I think I have done that in a later version that I can't 
find right now...Obviously the index.html file could also be generated by 
pd, and then it would all be more interesting.


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