[PD] [-SPAM-] Re: many paths, how

Patrice Colet pat at mamalala.org
Thu Oct 18 13:26:52 CEST 2007

hi, didn't Chun Lee made all the work in desiredata?

Jamie Bullock a écrit :
> On Thu, 2007-10-18 at 10:29 +0200, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
>> Jamie Bullock wrote:
>>> It is also one of the most frequent questions I get asked when I
>>> introduce new users to PD. 
>> interestingly enough i never have been asked this.
>> most likely it is not the initial design that a lot of paths are to be 
>> added.
> Thinking about it, the people who ask this have generally come from
> Max/MSP, so not necessarily complete newbies.
>> what i am dearly missing in your design is:
>> 9) buttons to re-order the paths
>> (since you cannot add change the paths directly, and i think it is very 
>> re-order paths in a way that involves opening several windows)
>> in my work-cycle, path-order is a crucial thing when it comes to getting 
>> the "right" object.
> I agree - there should be some easy way to do this. IMO, the nicest
> thing would be for each path to have an anchor, which when clicked,
> rather than selecting the path, enables the path to be dragged up and
> down the list. I'm not sure how feasible this is in Tk though.

There is the drag'n'drop tk lib for that it's called 'tkdnd'

  Perhaps a
> pair of 'up-down' buttons adjacent to each path would be easier to
> implement:
> ^
> v
> Clicking the top button moves the path up the list. Clicking the bottom
> one moves it down. 
>> 10) unify the path and startup dialogs into one single (possibly 
>> multi-tab) dialog.
> I completely agree. I forgot about the startup dialog!
> Jamie

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