[PD] [OT] Re: about sexism is TERMINATE THREAD PLEASE

Patrice Colet pat at mamalala.org
Thu Oct 18 13:44:26 CEST 2007

Hello, just a parenthesis to make things clear, :),

Chuckk Hubbard a écrit :

> I wasn't aware that women didn't participate.  My few exchanges with 
> Patrice convinced me she knows far more than I about computers and 
> especially Pd, but for a year or two I had no idea what her sex was.  As 
> they say in regard to the internet, I still don't REALLY know.
> BTW, I did remove a number of your comments in replying; I don't mean to 
> erase them, I just had no response.
> -Chuckk

I've figured out some years ago that in united states 'Patrice' is a 
name given to women, when I've heard about the existence of Patrice 
Zappa, the sister of Frank Zappa.
  Also this name come from the roman 'pater' which mean 'father', or in 
french 'Patricien'. It's a communauty of people living during ancient Rome.
  I've no idea why my united statesian homologous (sorry didn't find a 
better translation for 'homologue') is a woman.

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