[PD] webring name and url (!) changed to pd_ring

marius schebella marius.schebella at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 17:56:35 CEST 2007

in the US there is no difference between trademarks and registered 
trademarks. you acquire a trademark by
a. Use
b. Registration
What is a trademark?
a. Trademarks: a distinctive work, phrase, logo, symbol, image or other 
device that is used to distinguish one brand of product from another
b. Service marks
c. Trade dress
after some time (usually half a year) of use of a name you automatically 
have a trademark on it (if you register it, you just make things easier 
to execute).
therefor, maybe *you* should sue them (if they are new on the market it 
is likely that they have to change their name!!) of course you don't 
want to do that, but there is no possibility for them to win a lawcase 
against you. they just can make your life yack! by suing you. (which 
makes another big resource for US (corporate) bashing).
anyway, your decision to change the name is probably a wise one.

kluppe wrote:
> hi pd-people!
> i received an email from webring.com, telling me that "webring" is now a 
> registered trademark of webring.com and asking me to "discontinue use of 
> the term webring" on my website.
> i don't know if this has any juristic relevance to me, since i am not in 
> the us and i am not using the term for commercial activities, but i 
> don't want to hire a lawyer to find it out.
> so: i changed the name and url of pd webring to pd_ring.
> please change the code of pd webring on your websites to point to 
> http://pd.klingt.org/pd_ring/ instead.
> sorry for the inconvinience
> shit happens
> d13b
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