[PD] [OT] Re: about sexism is TERMINATE THREAD PLEASE

vade doktorp at mac.com
Thu Oct 18 22:49:12 CEST 2007

In my defense (for my instigative comments earlier in the thread), im  
not macho/sexist in any way, I am simply lewd, loud and obnoxious and  
enjoy cynical humor, because the joke is not the joke, its the fact  
that some genuinely may laugh at it. Some may even call me an  
asshole, but hey, at least I didnt *start* this goddamned thread.  
Anyway if you were offended, too bad. Really, Im not sure where the  
"right" to not be offended comes from, but frankly, if the list (and  
PD by extension) is truly to be open, someones going to be offended -  
get used to it.

I realize one of my responses was sent privately, but I really want  
to say, for the women (and yes, I agree, speaking of women as girls  
is pretty dismissive), on the list that lurk, if you are offended by  
any speech on this list, its your job to speak up, lest it be  
perpetuated. Same goes for any group or individuals. However, I share  
the confusion on where the hell this whole thing came from. Frankly I  
think its a non issue. My opinion may not count though, as I have a  

But fuck, I really do hate feminism as it is an "ism", and by that I  
mean it has some strange life of its own. I could not be more for  
equality though. Well said.

You know, I showed this thread to my girlfriend, and she basically  
rolled her eyes and laughed at everyone who takes this thread  
seriously. Stop trying to be so goddamned 'fair' and pay more  
attention to user experience in PD, its interface, compatibility and  
improving  the overall experience of *using* the software. Perhaps  
all the *girls*  (GROSS!!!!!) are using Max?

On Oct 18, 2007, at 3:51 PM, Chuckk Hubbard wrote:

> On 10/18/07, Yves Degoyon <ydegoyon at free.fr> wrote:
> olaaaaa,
> this is an excellent summing up of all that is wrong here...
> i didn't except to find soo much c.r.a.p. under the carpet ..
> you can call me a troll, but i don't think i'm so braindead
> [maybe tired].
> You never did explain why you claimed to read phrases like "wet  
> dream" and "gang bang" here every day.  Does this kind of language  
> permeate the list whenever I turn my back?  As far as I can tell  
> your statement was a downright lie, and it caused a pretty long  
> thread full of OT arguments.  ==troll
> i started this thread mainly because i wonder why some women
> feel the need to create their own structures and events,
> and why we go straight to separatism,
> separate women and men,
>  .....
> so why we should have different agendas?
> one of the reason is that women can't take this macho c.r.ap. anymore.
> I'm not big on macho crap either, and you obviously aren't.  A lot  
> of times when people form their own separate structures, it's as  
> much shyness as intimidation.  Has THIS happened due to the  
> language on this list??
> Anyway I don't interpret crass humor as macho.
> Is Southpark macho?  Does it repel women?
> -Chuckk
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