[PD] Audio drops when I refresh many text in scrolline by external MIDI control.

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Fri Oct 19 13:48:56 CEST 2007

Hi Kuba,

same problem as ever.... PD's GUI implementation is a bit crippled. My 
suggestion would be to run two instances of PD, one for the DSP running 
--nogui and one for the GUI running --noaudio. Communicate between via 
netsend or OSC. Check the archives for more tips on this.

As a workaround, you could also try a single instance of PD, running -rt 
as root. This cleared up some but not all of my GUI-related glitches on 

My experiences were that ALSA+JACK worked best, but others (like Frank 
Barknecht) have reported that OSS (by this I assume OSS emulated by 
ALSA) worked better, or at least as good. I think. Again, search the 
archives, because that topic comes up very often on this list.


Kuba Szczypek wrote:
> Dear friends,
> I have serious problem with  my patch. It is hard to write it in proper 
> English for me, but I have no choice - I must try,since I`m looking for 
> help.
> I would like to show (by scrollist) my list of titles 128 song names.
> But since I have small space for this on screen, I use only 8 lines in 
> scrollist and "page up" page down" mechanism.
> I prepared patch who:
> - first send 128 lines into memory of scrollist
> - next I mark/unmark proper line.
> But since I have only 8 line show  on display , and list have 128 
> positions I often must change pages.
> The problem is that changing pages cause drop. If I change very fast (by 
> fader) from 0 to 127 (song nuber) many times and from 127 to 0 (again 
> again) then I can see that screen is completely frozen and audio drop is 
> very long (like about 3, 4 second).
> More moving I did = bigger drop and longer frozen screen.
> When I do the same, but with fader on the screen, no problem there.
> Problem is only when I use external MIDI fader.
> (of course normally when I use any MIDI message it work great,
> problem is only with this setup: scrollist)
> I tried change thread priority (pd and pd-gui) with many different 
> combinations, but it not solved problem.
> I use Ubuntu Studio with gnome, oss audio system. Pentium IV 2,4  512 
> ram Geforce mx 400 with TV out enabled.
> I would like to ask also is oss better than alsa+jack or not?
> (I mean performance power).
> Thank you
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