[PD] Audio drops when I refresh many text in scrolline by external MIDI control.

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Oct 19 16:46:10 CEST 2007

Kuba Szczypek hat gesagt: // Kuba Szczypek wrote:

> I would like to show (by scrollist) my list of titles 128 song names.
> But since I have small space for this on screen, I use only 8 lines in 
> scrollist and "page up" page down" mechanism.
> I prepared patch who:
> - first send 128 lines into memory of scrollist
> - next I mark/unmark proper line.
> But since I have only 8 line show  on display , and list have 128 
> positions I often must change pages.
> The problem is that changing pages cause drop. If I change very fast (by 
> fader) from 0 to 127 (song nuber) many times and from 127 to 0 (again 
> again) then I can see that screen is completely frozen and audio drop is 
> very long (like about 3, 4 second).
> More moving I did = bigger drop and longer frozen screen.

Maybe using speedlim or something similar can help you here. If you
scroll fast from page 1 to 10, scrollist may try to show pages 2-9 as
well, which you don't need to see anyway. speedlim may work against
this. Or build your own speedlim: store your current selection in a
float-object's right inlet, and bang the left inlet with a "metro 100"
or so, using "change" to not pass the value on when nothing has

I've never used scrolllist, but you should also make sure that it
doesn't try to access the harddisk except when initializing. Harddisk
access is a latency-killer.

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