[PD] Audio drops when I refresh many text in scrolline by externalMIDIcontrol.

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Fri Oct 19 19:51:51 CEST 2007

To answer your questions shortly:

PD and MAX are both buggy, but in different ways. Changing from one to 
the other will get rid of some problems, and give you new ones. So it's 
really just up to you to choose....

As for multitrack recording, why reinvent the wheel? 
PD->QJackCtl->Ardour with LADSPA plugins inserted in the tracks (or 
using JackRack) gives you everything you'd ever need for most situations.

I've had some trouble with hardware MIDI stuff before. Best to just send 
it directly to the parts of the patch you want, and not send it to a GUI 
fader onscreen. Working around PD's crap GUI is one of the big 
challenges. You're lucky you're on Linux, the problem is much worse for 
OS X users.

If I had my vote, we'd talk less about beer, political correctness and 
world politics, and focus more on fixing this kind of stuff...


Kuba Szczypek wrote:
> Thank you Phil
> Yes I have ram disk ready for use.
> What about play some music, adding effects and write it to hard drive
> in 8 tracks simultaneously? Since ram disk has limited capacity it must 
> be written to hard drive. Then probably it will cause drop audio.
> But my main problem now is related to understanding why I can do 
> something by fader on screen without drops, and when I use fader on 
> hardware MIDI then it give me hangs and drops.
> Also I`m waiting for input from anyone who know PD and MAX and can give 
> a comparing, with focus on possibilities to create complete
> audio (or video) tool, not only for learn and fun, but also for using.
> I`m would like to have base in pd or other program who can give me this 
> possibilities.
> Of course I can be wrong, and you may suggest me (for example) to use
> external sequencer, external multitrack etc.
> I seen on cycling`74 web page that they now recommending Ableton Live 
> for sequencing. Question is why: because marketing or because MAX is too 
> bad.
> The same question I have related to pd.
> Please forgive me if I have not elegant form, but I have bad english and 
> I`m frustrated too long (by drops audio).
> Best regards,
> Kuba

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