[PD] Audio drops when I refresh many text in scrolline by externalMIDI control.

Kuba Szczypek qqqq268 at wp.pl
Fri Oct 19 20:30:52 CEST 2007

>PD and MAX are both buggy, but in different ways. Changing from one to
>the other will get rid of some problems, and give you new ones. So it's
>really just up to you to choose....

OK - so I will try to play with pd

>As for multitrack recording, why reinvent the wheel?
>PD->QJackCtl->Ardour with LADSPA plugins inserted in the tracks (or
>using JackRack) gives you everything you'd ever need for most >situations.

I have alerady done hardware controller with:
- 10x6 cm screen connected by composit to my Geforce TV out
- one motorfader 10cm long
- some buttons, encoders, and pots.

Of course I can do next controller (for ex. Macie Control clone) but 
this will use more space on table, need additional money, need time for 
creating...   , but if no possibilities by using pd`s writesf~
then I will think about it. Maybe I taken bad assumption that
"I can create every tool what I can imagine in PD" - and with this 
assumption I created my hardware controller for this.

What you think about my idea to have control over synthesis, samplers, 
effects, mixer, sequencer and lastly multitrack by one unit hardware 
controller and one software patch - based on pd?

>I've had some trouble with hardware MIDI stuff before. Best to just 
>send it directly to the parts of the patch you want, and not send it 
>to a GUI fader onscreen.

But I`m on first stage of build my patch, where like you see now
I need gui for my small screen in hardware. Its my interface.
I started from create place for 128 songs, and when I try create list of 
names this songs (alerady created editor, copy, delete, save to disc and 
more functions) I have problems with drops.
Fader on screen is in synchronize with motorfader (moving one give move 
on other) so it is simulation of my hardware.
Why I can use pd`s GUI without drops, but by MIDI its problematic?

>Working around PD's crap GUI is one of the >big challenges.
I see. Maybe I must to resign from song names?
How I will create event list on screen since this need similar way to 
show data? Sorry for long mail, and for too many questions, but I waited 
one month and frustration cumulations go away and now I can write here. 
Please forgive me my boring problems. Just maybe someone give me an 

>You're lucky you're on Linux, the problem is much worse for
>OS X users.

Great :-()

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