[PD] Getting system time from an object

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Fri Oct 19 21:33:38 CEST 2007

Yeah, that would be nice to have.  One of the ideas is to have the  
pdpedia embedded into Pd-extended, once it gets filled out more.


On Oct 19, 2007, at 2:07 PM, Batuhan Bozkurt wrote:

> Thanks Martin, I do know about pdpedia.
> What I was asking was an offline and single (big) page of digital
> document which had names of most of the objects and their descriptions
> in short sentences near them, probably a single line for a single  
> object
> that you can skim through, something you will see just like when you
> right click on an empty canvas and select "help". Try clicking that  
> and
> it will  amaze you.
> Thanks anyways.
> Batuhan
> Martin Ahnelöv wrote:
>> fre 2007-10-19 klockan 18:14 +0300 skrev Batuhan Bozkurt:
>>> Thanks I have a happy friend now.
>>> The Max/MSP reference manual has a facility at end that has a  
>>> list of
>>> all the objects and their descriptions, usually one little  
>>> sentence per
>>> object. Is there anything like this available for PD? The core  
>>> objects
>>> can be seen by the help reached from the help and I know that it  
>>> is hard
>>> to maintain such a thing with a growing list of externals as in
>>> PD-extended package. But I'm asking anyways as even an incomplete  
>>> list
>>> of descriptions of extended object list that is put together would
>>> suffice I think. This becomes a problem for me too, sometimes. I  
>>> happen
>>> to be sure that an object doing a particular job exists but I  
>>> just don't
>>> know the name. The mailing list definitely helps(as I got an answer
>>> within a couple of minutes! Thanks!). But searching keywords from  
>>> such a
>>> list would point to the right direction easily I think.
>> What's the url to pdpedia again? wiki.puredata.info ?  
>> www.pdpedia.org ,
>> something like that?
>> Gasten
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