[PD] Audio drops when I refresh many text in scrolline by externalMIDI control.

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat Oct 20 09:27:48 CEST 2007

Kuba Szczypek hat gesagt: // Kuba Szczypek wrote:

> But I`m on first stage of build my patch, where like you see now
> I need gui for my small screen in hardware. Its my interface.
> I started from create place for 128 songs, and when I try create list of 
> names this songs (alerady created editor, copy, delete, save to disc and 
> more functions) I have problems with drops.
> Fader on screen is in synchronize with motorfader (moving one give move 
> on other) so it is simulation of my hardware.
> Why I can use pd`s GUI without drops, but by MIDI its problematic?

Try using neither for a change: Build a test patch which drives your
song change with a [metro] and then see, at which metro rate the
dropouts start.

> >Working around PD's crap GUI is one of the >big challenges.
> I see. Maybe I must to resign from song names?
> How I will create event list on screen since this need similar way to 
> show data? Sorry for long mail, and for too many questions, but I waited 
> one month and frustration cumulations go away and now I can write here. 
> Please forgive me my boring problems. Just maybe someone give me an 
> inspiration.

I think, it would be best if you would just post (part of) your patch.
We can guess a long time about what possibly might be wrong with Pd's
GUI and if Max would be better and what not, but we cannot change that
anyway. However if there just is a bug in your patch somewhere, such a
bug would be way easy to hunt down and fix.

And actually: I don't think, that displaying 8 lines out of a 128 line
textfile in a patch window is a task, that is too much for Pd's GUI.
This will definitely work if done right and will not give dropouts.

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