[PD] Audio drops when I refresh many text in scrolline byexternalMIDI control.

Kuba Szczypek qqqq268 at wp.pl
Sun Oct 21 20:01:48 CEST 2007

You all give me big kick with positive energy. EVERY ideas are great and 
 I copied this into separate file for my personal use. I will try to set 
up GNU for pd and based on earlier attached patch "eztest" I`m in 
progress of changing my current patch. (I`m escape from scrollist.)

You give me much more than I ask - I understood and known better ways of 
work with GUI. And maybe I will use also other software parallel with pd 
for easier life.

I try to write not too much this time but I would like to THANK YOU ALL! 
Please know that I feel your help (this help work!), your good heart, 
your effort. Definitely this list is very necessary.

When I will finish this small part of my patch I will write once again 
this subject with word "SOLVED".


p.s.Frank - my patch is too too deep and ugly for public show now. I`m 
only 1.5 year with pd and maybe after 5 years my patches will be beauty 
and clarity like yours.

Nowa płyta Billie Holiday "Remixed & Reimagined" 
- legenda jazzu odkryta na nowo przez mistrzów lounge music!

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