[PD] Spectrum graphing amplitude problem

Charles Henry czhenry at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 04:39:56 CEST 2007

> That's cool, makes sense.  Since I now understand that I'm dealing with
> a graph/display issue, maybe I need to do some heavier lifting?  That
> is, unless somebody can suggest a better way, I guess I'll try and do
> block-synchronized snapshots, somehow walk/traverse the fft results
> myself and look for local discretized maximums.  Doesn't seem like much
> fun...
> The real truth is that although I stand to learn a thing or two by going
> down this road, I'm probably just reinventing the wheel and could drop
> in an existing spectrum abstraction or external huh?

If you're looking for locations and values of peaks in a signal block,
you can use pique~ to do that.  When I started out, I wrote an
external called maxval~ to do this, not realising there was one in
front of my face :)  I recommend writing an external as an exercise
anyway.  Chances are, you will eventually find yourself with some
function you want.  It's better to space out the heavy lifting than
doing it all at once

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