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Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Tue Oct 23 21:50:44 CEST 2007

On Oct 23, 2007, at 3:44 PM, Luke Iannini (pd) wrote:

> Actually, it would be good if you did push the idea. :D  I think if
> we aren't switching to SVN, we really should consider a distributed
> system.  I am just not sure which one is the best one for the Pd
> community.  While Linus' personality is funny, his ideas about
> software usability are what make me think there are better systems
> than git.
> From what I see, Git is good for someone who's immersed in it,
> therefore the extra complexity is beneficial.  Pd committers don't do
> it that often, and are rarely immersed in coding everyday.  That says
> that we should use something that is really easy to learn, setup, and
> administer, even if that means it might be less efficient for more
> advanced tasks.
> For example, GNU Arch says on the first page ( http://www.gnu.org/
> software/gnu-arch/) that "GNU arch has some features that make it
> particularly useful for public free software projects: it's easy to
> learn; it's inexpensive and easy to administer".  Git (http://
> git.or.cz/) repeatedly mentions "speed and efficiency".
> Sigh, anything is better than CVS... so I won't complain too loudly  
> if we go with something other than SVN.  But considering how long  
> it's taking to go to SVN, which everyone agrees with, I'm worried  
> we'll just get bogged down in discussion of the myriad options.
> Many of SVN's deficiencies are being addressed in the very-very- 
> soon upcoming 1.5 update, which includes vastly improved merging to  
> compete with Git.
> Also, since SVN has such wide adoption, it has really excellent  
> client tools.  I use SCPlugin, which integrates SVN with the Mac OS  
> X Finder, along with TextMate's absolutely incredible SVN bundle.   
> Windows users have access to the amazing TortoiseSVN, which offers  
> the best integration I've seen.
> Anyways, here's to a swift death for CVS.
> Cheers
> Luke

I'm not ruling out SVN at all.  You're point is another excellent  
thing to consider, especially for this project.  In addition, git is  
written for Linux, and has only alpha support for Windows.  That  
would be bad for Pd since Windows users download Pd more than all  
other platforms combined.   I don't know about arch and darcs.  We  
need more Windows users to contribute to Pd, so we don't want to put  
up any more barriers.



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