[PD] scroll bug

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Oct 24 11:20:45 CEST 2007

Matteo Sisti Sette wrote:
>> actually matteo just wanted to point out that he has already submitted a
>> bug-report to the bug-tracker [1817858]
>> i think he only wanted to raise the priority on a social level.
> If I didn't wait even 45 minutes (nor even 5 probably) after reporting the 
> bug before I wrote to the ml, it was not for impatience but just because the 

oh sorry, i was not aware of that.
to me it seemed that between your posting to the tracker and to the ml a 
timespan of 4 hours elapsed.
(the tracker-item was created at 14:42 to which is responded at 15:23,
my mailclient (thunderbird) shows the _sending_ date for your email as 
i admit i haven't fully checked whether your email was stuck in some 
greylisting/... and therefore whether it was actually sent at about the 
same time....

> two messages were intended for different targets: just like one may post a 
> question to two (or more) different forum all related to the topic of his 
> question.
> I didn't even expect any quick workaround or "hack" to be posted to the 
> tracker.

darn, i am too fast...

> Thank you very much IOhannes for the fix you posted, however I'm afraid I 
> can't try it out.
> Correct me if I'm wrong: I need to recompile PD after modifying the source 
> code with the patch, right?

you just need to edit the pd.tk file which is read and interpreted at 
runtime by the tcl/tk-interpreter (wish on w32)
the only thing you have to do is restart pd...

> I don't have the skills to do that right now, sorry.

it is very simple: download the patch and open it with a decent 
text-editor (notepad might have problems with the carriage returns)
any line prefixed with a "-" is to be removed from the original source, 
and line prefixed with a "+" is to be added.
the lines without prefixes are there to give you a context (e.g. if you 
have already applied another patch (e.g. because you are not using 
pd-vanilla's pd.tk) the line-numbers might differ, but the context will 
hopefully be the same)

what you basically have to do is change the 2 occurences of 
"-%D/abs(%D)" to "(%D>0)?:-1:1" (or something like this, i don't 
remember exactly)

> Btw, I am using Windows version of PD (vanilla 0.40.2), sorry I didn't 
> mention it in the report (i usually do, it was an oversight).

no big problem; i imagined something like this :-)
the problem can only occur on w32 and os-x (linux/freebsd uses different 
code here that cannot divide by zero)


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