[PD] Granular Cross-fader

Rich E reakinator at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 09:05:03 CEST 2007

I just spent the afternoon trying to achieve this effect, with little
success.  Here is what I've been thinking, hopefully someone knows where I
am going wrong, or has some information they can share on the matter.

There needs to be a fade-in of the spectral envelope applied to signal 1,
ranging from all the fft bins equal to 1 when signal 2 is not to be heard to
the fft magnitude of signal 2 (which is what the timbre.stamp.pd patch does)
when the two are to be cross-synthesized.  If the fade is supposed to go all
the way until only signal 2 is heard, then the spectral envelope fade needs
to be switched to apply to signal 1.

Is there an easier way to do it?  My attempt (attached) at doing only the
first part (fading in the spectral envelope of signal 2 applied to signal 1)
barely sounds more than a regular crossfade until the regular timbre
stamping happens when the fade-in goes to 1.  What I'd like to have is
something that took more of it's 'timbre' from one signal than the other,
and be able to fade this amount continuously.


On 1/12/07, Patco <megalegoland at yahoo.fr> wrote:
> Kevin McCoy a écrit :
> > Oh shoot... can you explain that more?  I understand convolution in
> > reverb but how might that work in a crossfader?
> >
> > km
> >
> >> Why granular? Why not a convoluting crossfader rather?
> >>
> The idea is about filtering one track with the spectral enveloppe of
> the other one, and vice-versa,
> The crossfade would pass progressively  from one track to another, but
> instead of having mixed tracks
> at the center, there would have the convolution between the tracks:
> There is a bad side, because this kind of effect can only affect the
> filtered sound in real time.
> There is an approach of this in I06.Timbre.stamp.pd
> PC.
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