[PD] about sexy-ism

hard off hard.off at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 12:39:32 CEST 2007

i went to the [pool] last week, and met this zexy girl,  she was a
real GEM - a totally rradical chick.

We started to [swap] some glances, and not being one to do anything
[unauthorized], i asked her, "hey, do you want to [route]?"

..she said "sorry it's that [time] of the month"

and i said, "hey, don't worry, i can part your red sea like [moses]"

..she gave me a [stripnote], so i pulled down her panties, opened her
[spigot], and then after a bit of a [delay] we got [hip~] to [hip~]
and had a good ol' fashioned [bang] .

after several minutes with our bodies in a tight [wrap~],  she asked
to [change] positions, so i took out my [vslider] from her [openpanel]
and put her on the kitchen [table].

she was ready to [receive] my [pipe] again.  so i thrust my [outlet]
into her [inlet], stopping occasionally to [switch~] positions,
[until] finally she let out a loud [noise~] and i shot my [loadbang].

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