[PD] [PD-announce] pdp_frei0r für frei0r 1.1...

Steffen Juul stffn at dibidut.dk
Sun Oct 28 15:42:28 CET 2007

On 28/10/2007, at 15.00, <bigswift at cox.net> <bigswift at cox.net> wrote:

> 12s ..... cannot create
> when i open the patch

are you sure it doesn't say 'l2s' instead of '12s'?

Search and replace l2s with list2symbol in the patch. To cite Hans in  
from a resent email to this list:

"One thing that I forgot to add is that many aliases currently don't
work in Pd-extended.  So sometimes, you need to use full names, like
list2symbol instead of l2s." (Re: [PD] [entry] changes, 27. okt 2007)

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