[PD] TkWidget library

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Wed Oct 31 20:04:47 CET 2007

On Oct 31, 2007, at 12:51 PM, Mathieu Bouchard wrote:

> On Wed, 31 Oct 2007, cdr wrote:
>>> How about also checking out if there would be any other  
>>> alternative to
>>> Tcl/Tk? It's still quite slow, and some not so uncomplicated  
>>> things (like
>>> a gui element in a gop) take lots of cpu for what they give.
>> a lot of this has nothing to do with TCL/Tk being slow, but PD  
>> using C string manipulation to generate Tk commands..then piping  
>> them over the client<>server socket. many times a second, per  
>> object, in the audio thread. etc..
> This is not what João is talking about. Yes, Tcl/Tk is slow,  
> especially the Tk part. The problem with sending big Tcl commands  
> over a socket all of the time, is that it's a bad separation of  
> responsibility between threads ... but only people who want to  
> modify the GUI itself might care about client-server separation of  
> responsibility, and usually they don't.
> The client-server separation happens to be a nice occasion to do  
> consolidations of code such that it becomes easier to optimise, but  
> it doesn't mean that the opportunity to do the optimisation itself  
> has really been exploited so much by DesireData.

First off, Tcl/Tk 8.5 looks to have a lot of performance  
improvements, especially on Mac OS X, as it shifts from Carbon/ 
QuickDraw to Cocoa/CoreGraphics.

Since we are talking about Tk now, I was wondering whether it would  
be possible to use Tcl/Tk's C interface in some objects in order to  
make things happen more efficiently.



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