[PD] Alternate Controllers

Jean-Noël Montagné jnm at rom.fr
Wed Mar 19 16:15:58 CET 2008

Don't forget one of the cheapest interface, the USB Bit Whacker
DIY, http://wiki.dataflow.ws/Interaction/Interfaces/UBW
official web http://greta.dhs.org/UBW/index.html
and sold 19 $ at sparkfun = 12 euros....

and the GNUSB http://gnusb.sourceforge.net/hardware/

the USBDUX http://www.linux-usb-daq.co.uk/

the ethernut http://www.ethernut.de/en/index.html

the DLP IO 

the ispsonlab and co http://www.koncon.nl/ipsonlab/

the AID http://www.student.ocad.on.ca/~aid_dev/?q=

the artjoy http://artjoy.narod.ru/eng/index_eng.html

the semifluid projects http://www.semifluid.com/?p=21#more-21

the CUI http://www.create.ucsb.edu/~dano/CUI/

the gadgetboard http://www.lunkwill.org/gadgetboard/index.html

the nuxie1 http://www.nuxie1.com/guides/hackaday-competition-entry.html

the USBAD http://www.bmcm.de/us/pr-usb-ad.html

the midiscarff 

the CV to midi http://www.fredrikolofsson.com/pages/hardware.html

the interface-z http://www.interface-z.com

and many others...  I have collected about a 
hundred different low cost interfaces links for 
interactive creation for the CRASlab activities, 
and I would really like to have the power to 
compare and document all this interfaces in terms 
of cost per input/ouput, open hardware, latency, 
protocols, DIY possibility and time, components 
availibility in the world, recycling, power 
cunsumption, etc, to complete 

but we have just money for making one USB Bit 
Whacker, wich is one of the best !



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