[PD] memento, rrradical, sssad?

raul diaz raul.lete at gmail.com
Sat Apr 12 11:04:28 CEST 2008

Hi Frank, Phil, list!

Thanks for your opinions. I find very useful sssad because it's vanilla PD
and that's good for my purpose. Anyway memento looks more general and really
powerfull. Really great job Frank!!!

I will get into this state-saving libraries which looks really useful.

Thanks for your attention!

On 12/04/2008, Phil Stone <pkstone at ucdavis.edu> wrote:
> Hi Raul,
> I've used both sssad (in [polywavesynth], as you noted) and memento, and
> they are similar in many ways, with a few important differences. sssad, as
> Frank pointed out, works in vanilla PD.  In my opinion, it's slightly easier
> to work with than memento, but Frank has done most of the work for you in
> both cases.
> I found that I really like [pool]*, and the power it gives to memento.  At
> the same time, I wish the hierarchy were organized differently (do an
> archive search for a thread about this).  Also, Luke Iannini has done some
> enhancements to memento (search for "semento"), so there's life in this line
> of state-saving for Pd.
> I'm actually using a hybrid of both currently -- I'm using sssad for the
> voice presets of [polywavesynth], and memento for storing the configuration
> of my entire setup.
> To be even less help, :-) I currently use both libraries for OSC.  I'm
> gradually switching over to mrpeach OSC, because it seems solid and well
> designed.  I've never had trouble with oscx, though, and have used both
> heavily.
> You're right, it's kind of crazy, an embarrassment of riches.  But it's
> part of the charm of PD for me; it's like a big kit, where you can put
> together whatever you want out of a multitude of components.  If you add
> components carefully, you can put some reliable stuff together.
> Phil Stone
> www.pkstonemusic.com
> * as Frank also pointed out, [pool] could also be used for the backing
> store to sssad, which is an interesting avenue for exploration, but it
> already is all wired up in memento.  I think [pool] should be in vanilla PD,
> by the way.
> raul diaz wrote:
> > Hi Frank, list!
> >
> > I'm getting into memento because I'm trying to implemet a state saving
> > utility for my tr-909 emulation patch.
> > I've taken a look to your RRadical Pd tutorial and I have use your
> > examples from Pd extended help.
> > But looking at Polywavesynth patch by Phil Stone, I've taken a look to
> > his state saving stuffs based on sssad, and that looks pretty much easy and
> > suitable for my purpose.
> >
> > So, now I'm a little bit confuse with so many libraries. I would like to
> > know what's the purpose of each of this libraries (memento, rrradical,
> > sssad), its applications, advantages, and inconvenients, and which of this
> > is better for my purpose.
> >
> > Another question is about OSC libraries. I've used oscx succesfully but
> > I've seen Polywavesynth used Mr Peach OSC objects (which seems pretty
> > usefull). What's the difference between both?
> >
> > My head is full of apparently-same-purpose libraries!!!
> >
> > Saludos!
> >
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