[GEM-dev] pix_rds added

tigital tigital at mac.com
Sat May 17 22:59:58 CEST 2003


...just added pix_rds, which is a port of the effectTV random dot 
stereogram code...which brings me to a question:  how should we best 
deal with "utility" type functions?  I've been porting from several 
different effects packages, and some of them use similar code for 
colorspace changes, or matrix math, or whatever...I noticed a problem 
with namespace clashes when I loaded GEM, PDP, PDP2GEM, and PIDIP, 
because PIDIP and GEM have similar ports of effects from effectTV...

...seems to me the only way to do this would be to encapsulate all 
functions within the pix_"object" class, but this leads to a lot of 
redundancy (which really isn't bad, I guess)...any ideas?


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