[GEM-dev] mac builds

Daniel Heckenberg daniel at bogusfront.org
Tue May 27 06:17:13 CEST 2003

Hi All,

On 27/5/03 10:12 AM, "tigital" <tigital at mac.com> wrote:
> ...yep, this has been a longterm "todo" of mine:  I think the correct
> way to do it is to add a ".cvswrapper", but I haven't checked out what
> this entails...I think has something to do with telling cvs not to
> treat binaries like text files...

yeah - using cvswrapper in the repository and/or on the local machine can
add a filtering step to treat directories like a single binary file.  the
default one on an os x box handles nibs and so on I think

i think you need to  have the cvswrapping set up on both client and server
for it to work on a remote repository.

> ...in any event, I know that there's also more to learn about uploading
> project files (we shouldn't include things like "tigital.pbx"!)

that's the cvsignore file... which acts on the initial import step, as far
as i recall.

i have a few os x projects under my local cvs repository where i've imported
the .pbproj directory and then the .pbxproj file (and used cvsignore to
avoid getting the *.pbxuser).  This works okay, since the pbxproj file is
text anyway... but I guess you don't want CVS to attempt to do merges on it
so it should be made to use "COPY" update methodology with an entry in

all of that said, this in the short term I think doing a:
cvs add GEM_darwin.pbproj
cvs add GEM_darwin.pbproj/project.pbproj
cvs commit 

it would also be good to add the merge mode and ignore flags to the
repository via the admin files in CVSROOT.

so I just did that with chris' project files and the pd-gem repository admin
files.  let me know how it works for you.

apparently there's some unreliability with the client/server behaviour
unless you have local and remote copies of cvsignore.  so try copying the
$CVSROOT/CVSROOT/cvsignore to ~/.cvsignore   (assuming $CVSROOT is the
pd-gem repository here of course) and similarly for the cvswrappers file.


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