[GEM-dev] release date

chris clepper cgc at humboldtblvd.com
Tue Nov 18 19:45:07 CET 2003

So we keep talking and talking about a release of 0.888, and I think 
maybe just setting a date and sticking to it will actually make it 
happen.  I propose two weeks from today December the 2nd to be that 
date.  There's no reason it couldn't be done by next week, but two 
gives a bit more time for the loose ends.

The critical thing I see right now is making sure there is as much 
documentation in the release as possible.  At the very least, every 
object should have a help file that lists all of the (working) 
features of the object.  Here's a list of objects I don't have help 

- curve3d
- camera
- pix_dv

I can also add my beginner tutorial to CVS, although it does contain 
images which would add a few hundred KB to the distribution.

Bug fixes/enhancements:

- pix_biquad does next to nothing now.  The coefficients seem to 
determine how fast the image fades to black.  I reverted two versions 
and it worked as it always has.  Any ideas what's going on?

- pix_write gave me some serious trouble last night.  if i didn't 
give it a 'file ' message it overwrote the pd binary!!  that's some 
really bad news, and i've gone through 3 versions of pd in the last 
24 hours.  i'm not sure what's going on but the default setup no 
longer writes 'gem000x.tif' in pd/bin for some reason.

- i mixed up versions of pix_filmDarwin/YUV and need to get them sorted out.

- i will probably add some more Altivec code.

We need to decide where the binary distributions will reside. 
Sourceforge project page?  IEM?  Both?  Somewhere else?  Someone 
needs to build a version for OSX and a version for Windows by this 
weekend so we can check them on a few machines and be somewhat sure 
nothing is terribly wrong with them.  A few changes and tweaks will 
probably be needed but there should be enough time to do them.

I think we should also plan on another point release by the beginning 
of next year to address problems with 0.888 (will it be 0.889 or 
0.89?).  Assuming we don't horribly fuck up 0.888 there won't be a 
huge rush for these fixes.  I really want to put an end to getting 
bug reports on versions that are years out of date or come from some 
unknown origin.

Further down the road, 0.90 could be a major release incorporating 
large changes and additions like my vertex-array objects and shader 
support.  I cannot reasonably estimate a time frame for that, 
although I am working towards making significant progress on the 
vertex stuff by year's end, and will commit code to CVS by then.

That's all I can think of right now.


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