[GEM-dev] gempixutils.cpp questions/confusion

Johannes M Zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Dec 20 13:21:41 CET 2004

Johannes M Zmoelnig wrote:
> it works perfectly but you have to know, that "image" is the 
> destination, whereas the data passed to the "from"-function is the 
> source (thus the naming)

so i think that imageStruct being the "destination", is not a bad idea.
however there might be several things that could be improved:

1) rescaling while converting; this would mean
   imageStruct::fromRGBA(uchar* rgbadata, int orgwidth, int orgheight);
   the destination-size would then be specified as imageStruct::xsize 
and imageStruct::ysize;

2) converting from other images
so we don't have to worry at all, which format the input-data is in.


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