[GEM-dev] coverting gem-chain render commands to pd messages?

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Wed Jun 22 13:57:57 CEST 2005

Actually its a replacement for using single-buffering for "trails" since
single-buffering (the real thing) is really a low-level feature that
could be used for other things. Also single-buffering does not work on
OSX (something to do with weird triple buffering!)

Anyhow I proposed a "clear" selector that could be changed without
destroying and re-creating the gemwindow. (I hope) basically a nice
feature for "trails" so that single-buffering is not depended upon for
"not clearing"

I also thought of "clear 0" to give you a 100% transparent clearing (no
clearing) and "clear 1" to give full clearing (default) but this seems
counter-intuitive. "clear 0.5" would be 50% transparent. Is "clear 1"
identical to the default clearing state of a gem-win internally?

back to setting up the new linux machine (I got 4000fps in glxgears!)


Thoralf Schulze wrote:
> Hi there,
>>Did anyone miss my proposal for the "clear" function
>>for gemwin? Should
>>I put it in the feature requests on source-forge?
> The one that clears the gemwin up to a choosable
> degree? I second this, would probably be quite useful
> with the single buffered mode ...
> with kind regards,
> Thoralf.
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