[GEM-dev] "configure" missing from HEAD?

=?X-UNKNOWN?Q?g=FCnter_geiger?= geiger at xdv.org
Fri Jun 24 02:11:37 CEST 2005

On Thu, 23 Jun 2005, james tittle wrote:
> correctly...this is discussed in /src/gnu/README.build, which isn't
> the most obvious place (after all, there's an old README at the cvs
> root)...

well, to put that into perspective, the src/Gnu directory was introduced
for the linux port years ago, that was at times when it still made
sense to put a "separate" and "contributed" build system in its own
directory. now things have changed in terms of how gem is developed in
general, thats why src/Gnu may seem a bit odd. I have chosen the name
"Gnu" because at that time the autoconf system was supposed to be the
prefered system for the gnu compilers and I used it for gcc on
SGI too.
Dunno, the old README may still be the original from Mark.
for the rest, I still think that the configure script should build the
official gem version without any "flags-of-your-necessity".


> autoconf
> ./configure --with-flags-of-your-necessity
> make
> l8r,
> jamie
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