[GEM-dev] Gem says quicktime ok, then disagrees with itself

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Fri Jun 24 16:57:15 CEST 2005

Hey all,

I got Gem-CVS compiled on OSX now but upon trying to load a DV quicktime
movie was suprised that Gem is contridicting itself. :(

After autoconf && ./configure I get:

    use mpeg             : no
    use mpeg-3           : yes
    use QuickTime        : yes
    use aviplay          : no
    use ffmpeg           : yes

All great, then when I create a pix_movie I get:

pix_film:: libffmpeg support
pix_film:: quicktime support
pix_film:: libmpeg3 support

Still looking good. When I try and load my DV quicktime:

FFMPEG: unsupported!
quicktime4linux: unsupported!
MPEG3: unsupported!
error: GEM: pix_film: Unable to open file: /raid0/media/dv_capture1.mov

Gem suddently decides that ffmpeg, mpeg3 and quicktime are "unsupported"


I have installed:

ii  libmpeg-dev    1.3.1-2.1      Header files and static libraries for
the MP
ii  libmpeg1       1.3.1-2.1      The MPEG library calls for movie streams
ii  libmpeg2-4     0.4.0b-2       MPEG1 and MPEG2 video decoder library
ii  libmpeg3-1     1.5.4-4        MPEG streams decoding library
ii  libmpeg3-dev   1.5.4-4        Headers and static libraries for libMPEG3
ii  libquicktime-d 0.9.3-2        Header files for developing applications
ii  libquicktime1  0.9.3-2        A library for reading and writing Quicktime

Ah well I'm trying to get mplayer from nerim.net but the damn download
keeps disconnecting, so ffmpeg is not installed... (though probably was
when I compiled Gem a few moments ago) Does anyone know of a mirror of
what is on nerim.net/debian-marillat ? I think it considers my 33.6 too
slow and keep dropping me off. :(

Thanks all.


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