[GEM-dev] pix_videoDS.cpp - compilation woes

Thoralf Schulze thoralf_schulze at yahoo.de
Fri Jul 8 14:38:02 CEST 2005

Hi all,

still struggling to get pix_videoDS.cpp to compile
with mingw ... Any other self compilers out there?

It's still about this NULL pointer thingie. I played
around a bit more, and found out that if I change
#include <memory> in line 28 to #include <memory.h>,
g++ does not complain about the missing or vanished
null pointer macro anymore.
This strikes me as being really weird: shouldn't
memory.h be pretty much of a standard c++ header, and
shouldn't memory and memory.h refer to exactly the
same header file?

Another two things:

1.) during the remainder of the compilation, g++
complains about a lot of redefinitions of certain
functions, an example:

Compiler: Default compiler
Building Makefile: "D:\Dokumente und
Executing  make...
make.exe -f "D:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\VJ\Eigene
Dateien\GEM\Gem\src\Makefile.win" all
g++.exe -c Pixes/pix_videoDS.cpp -o
-I"D:/Programme/Dev-Cpp/include"  -I"../src" 
-I"../../pd/src"  -I"../../GemLibs/tiff/libtiff" 
-I"../../GemLibs/FTGL/include"  -I"../../MS
-I"../../MS PSDK/Include"  -I"D:/Programme/Microsoft
DirectX 9.0 SDK (February 2005)/Include" 
-I"D:/Dokumente und Einstellungen/VJ/Eigene
Dateien/GEM/QT6 SDK (Win)/Interfaces &
Libraries/QTDevWin/CIncludes"  -I"../../QT6 SDK
(Win)/Interfaces & Libraries/QTDevWin/CIncludes" 
-D__GNUWIN32__ -march=pentium3 -D_M_IX86=600 -W
-finline-functions -DNDEBUG -DWIN32 -D_WINDOWS -DNT
-DGEM_INTERNAL  -Wno-multichar   -march=pentium3
-mfpmath=sse -O2

In file included from ../../MS
                 from Pixes/pix_videoDS.cpp:32:
warning: "wsprintfW" redefined
In file included from ../../MS

                 from Pixes/pix_videoDS.h:21,
                 from Pixes/pix_videoDS.cpp:27:

../../MS PSDK/Include/strsafe.h:7786:1: warning: this
is the location of the previous definition 

... and so on. Could this be due to chenges in the M$
platform sdk, and if so, is there an easy way to work
around this?

2.) g++ finally quits at line 1271:

Pixes/pix_videoDS.cpp: In function `long int
AddGraphToRot(IUnknown*, DWORD*)':
Pixes/pix_videoDS.cpp:1271: error: `wsprintfWInternal'
undeclared (first use this function)

Pixes/pix_videoDS.cpp:1271: error: (Each undeclared
identifier is reported only once for each function it
appears in.)

any hints on how to fix this?

grateful as usual,

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