Passing multi-dimentional arrays in PD? WAS: Re: {Spam?} Re: [GEM-dev] curve3d acts very very odd with lots of control points OSX+Linux)

B. Bogart ben at
Sun Jul 24 23:20:26 CEST 2005


Rediscoveries always seem that much more magical! ;)

ok tabread and tabwrite have potencial. I've not tried the vertex array
stuff in some time. (maybe 6 months+ ?) Anyhow I personally find PD
tables pretty anoying, I'm sure they make a lot of sense to audio people
but I personally find them an obstical for multi-dimentional data
storage. I guess you need three arrays one for each dimention and sync
em. This is probably the very best way to deal with the problem in the
short term. I'd rather use some multi-dementional storage/access system
that is not so laiden with audio ideas. Of course I'm in the vast
minority here not even touching audio at all.

I'm very much looking forward to the shape-synth examples!!! :)


james tittle wrote:
> hey ya'll,
  > ...ok, I'll have to jump in here and say that you are basically
> "rediscovering" many of inspirations that brought about the whole
> vertex_array stuff...the good news is that there is already something
> of a solution to your problem:  the vertex_array tag has two
> interesting objects not well known outside of the IOhannes and  myself:
> vertex_tabread and vertex_tabwrite...
> can probably guess that this allows reading and writing of pd
> "tables" or "arrays", and then efficient uploading of the data as
> vertex arrays or vertex buffer objects with [vertex_draw]...this is  all
> very important to the "shapeSynth" that I've been working on:
> basically calculating shapes via iemmatrix ops and other goodies...I
> apologize for not making it more well known:  I'll try to get some
> patches out this week that demonstrate this kind of stuff, but I have
> some heavy early week deadlines that are looming atm...
> more l8r!
> jamie
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