[GEM-dev] osx fullscreen changes survey

james tittle tigital at mac.com
Fri Jul 29 21:35:28 CEST 2005


...well, it had to happen sometime!  I've finally come around to a  
need for a 'kiosk'-like presentation via gem, on a single monitor/ 
touchscreen...we've been a bit conservative in allowing this, because  
without the proper foresight/design, it's incredibly easy to lock  
yourself out of the computer, and thereby require a hard restart :-)

...so, I'm going to go ahead and make it possible in a coupla  
different ways, but I also want to have an easy way to get out of  
it...basically, I'm talking about taking over the escape key, such  
that whenever we're in fullscreen or fullscreen-windowed mode,  
hitting the escape button will destroy the window...there is a  
caveat:  this will only always work in my pd++.app (or derivations  
thereof), because keyboard input in gem is dependent on the gem  
window being front "focused"...

...I think the best way to do this is two pronged:

1.  a "fullscreen 1" message will capture the main device, hiding the  
dock/menubar/option-tab application selector...it'll also always  
cause the window to be "focused", so 'esc' will always work...plus,  
in this state we control the VRAM, so we can manage that better...

2.  creating a window the size of the screen without a fullscreen  
message, and without an offset to another device, would also cover  
the screen, and either automatically turn off the dock/menubar/option- 
tab-selector, or do so by another message

...does this sound ok?  I think using 'esc' for exiting fullscreen is  
pretty standard in the gaming world and so would be an easy fit  
here...In any event, I'll be doing it this weekend...


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