[GEM-dev] OpenGL wrapper question

james tittle tigital at mac.com
Mon Nov 14 15:12:18 CET 2005

On Nov 14, 2005, at 7:44 AM, cyrille henry wrote:

> hello again,
> for the project i'm curently working on, i nead the  
> GEMglBlendEquation object.
> i was surprised not to find it in the openGL wrapper stuf.
> is there a good reason not to have it?
> could it be add?
> (the attached code was succesfully tested on linux and osX, and  
> should work also on windows as it's only cut&paste from the  
> GEMglBegin object).

...thanx for the code!  As you've found out, the gemwrappers are  
incomplete, but cover a large amount of ground...I'm always finding  
some gl define that needs to be added, and less frequently come  
across unimplemented functions...as you can see, it's kind of trivial  
to add a function:  also, if there are others you need, why not make  
up a list (or add them yourself)?  I haven't had the time to really  
see what's missing or not, but then gl is getting bigger all the time...

> and one last question for today :
> there is lot's of nice new stuf in gem CVS that i would like to  
> use, unfortunatly i really want to use only stable releases of pd  
> and Gem as i really nead to run my patch on lot's of diferents  
> computer without compilling stuff everytime.
> So : is there any plan to have a gem 0.91 soon?

...I think chris and I were toying with something around thanksgiving  
here (nov.25th or so)?  But that's as far as that got...I'd like to  
finish the glsl stuff, perhaps get the modular model loading code in  
(did you get very far with that IO?), and also finally get the vertex  
branch stuff in, if only for vertex_tabread/tabwrite...

...of course there's probably more!

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