[GEM-dev] OpenGL wrapper question

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Nov 15 15:33:34 CET 2005

cyrille henry wrote:
> hello,
>> ...thanx for the code!  As you've found out, the gemwrappers are  
>> incomplete, but cover a large amount of ground...I'm always finding  
>> some gl define that needs to be added, and less frequently come  
>> across unimplemented functions...as you can see, it's kind of trivial  
>> to add a function:  also, if there are others you need, why not make  
>> up a list (or add them yourself)?  I haven't had the time to really  
>> see what's missing or not, but then gl is getting bigger all the time...
> glClipPlane is missing.
> it's an object i'm looking for since a long time.
> so here it is...
> I tested it only on my computer...
> I include a test patch.

thanks for the 2 objects, i have checked them in.

> i did not find other missing usefull stuff...

me neither, but that was before your objects ;-)


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